10 Tech Startups to Watch

The following tech startups were added to the Startup.Directory database in the last 30 days.


Lq3 Pharmaceuticals was formed by Liquidia Technologies in 2014, and is focused on the development of innovative oral health therapies. Lq3 is leveraging the unique and powerful properties of the PRINT® technology to research and develop novel therapies for a variety of oral health conditions. Licensed from North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2014.

Sirona Therapeutics will license the intellectual property for a patch to treat precancerous mouth lesions. The patch directly delivers drugs aimed at stopping such lesions from developing into disfiguring and potentially fatal oral cancer. Licensed from Ohio State University and the University of Michigan in 2014.

Synlogic is developing a first-in-class proprietary microbial engineering platform for the development of therapeutic microbes with the goal to make significant advancements in the treatment of disease. This company is a 2014 faculty startup from Boston University and MIT.

Clean Tech:

Amergy Systems has developed a lab-tested technology that uses methods to enhance efficiency of solar cells (efficiency enhancement of more than 30% has been demonstrated). This is a 2014 business plan competition startup from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Pellucid Water has created a water treatment process that involves plasma and doesn’t require adding chemicals or using filters or ion exchangers. The technology has applications for not only cleaning water, but also for gleaning materials like iron from the aqueous mixture that can be reused. Licensed from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014.


CPrecisely offers a corrective imaging software solution to provide sharp visible content to the public, improving upon, simplifying or replacing their corrective eyewear. Their approach creates images that look strange to a person with normal vision, but which exploit the way the uncorrected eye incorrectly focuses light rays so the images look normal to a person not wearing corrective eyewear. Their solution does not require special hardware, but rather uses existing digital displays and projectors. Licensed from Purdue University in 2014.


Drug Free Therapeutix provides intelligent software for medical device companies in or entering the pain management device market. The platform technology, known as Extraneural Activation Control Technology (EXACT™), fine-tunes the output of an implanted or external stimulator according to the measured physiological response of a patient to electrical stimulation. EXACT™ can be configured to learn the optimal device settings based on biofeedback alone or with input from the patient and physician.


Araknitek is commercializing products that emerge from scientific investigations of synthetic spider silk proteins. In its initial business development efforts, Araknitek will provide bulk quantities of synthetic spider silk protein and access to proprietary production processes to its customers with licenses to make and sell market-specific materials, devices or goods. Licensed from Utah State University in 2014.

Frontier Additive Manufacturing stands to alleviate many of the constrictive geometric limitations of traditional manufacturing, as well as provide numerous benefits to the design process in terms of material properties and manufacturing costs. Through material deposition, laser processing and micromachining, a final component can be produced literally “from the ground up” using a multitude of materials.

Med Device:

MobileOptx is a commercial-stage medical device company with a mission to provide simple solutions to physicians to improve patient care and safety. The first product is a patent-pending, simple-to-use device that couples most clinical endoscopes to a smartphone.


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