Who is Psikick?

In this new technological world, it can be hard to pinpoint companies that are truly revolutionizing the way that we live. One of those companies is Psikick. They are leading what is known as the “batteryless revolution”. Psikick is a startup company formed in 2012 in Charlottesville, Virginia that is quickly growing into a powerhouse of technology.

They have created a chip that will create a massive wireless network through embedded wireless sensors, which can be placed into anything that can be made “smart”, from your coffee maker to your TV remotes. Their technology is based on a technique called subthreshold processing. While their chip is extremely effective, it is through the chips massive power-saving ability that makes it so unique. The Psikick chip uses only 1/100th to 1/1,000th of the power that current sensors use today. With this, there is no need for batteries, as the sensor can be powered by environmental factors such as the heat from your hand, RF, solar and light power, and more.

All From University Technology

All of this massive innovation began with the combination of brain and research power at the University of Virginia, the University of Michigan, and the University of Washington. Professors at these universities conducted synchronous research on electrical engineering, batteryless foundation, and medical technology to form the backbone of Psikick. When the minds of these universities combined, and shared their knowledge and their technology, Psikick was launched.

All Thanks to Excellent Funding

The growth of Psikick could not have been possible without the funding they have received. As any startup company will tell you, one of the most important and frustrating aspects of the business is finding the money to accomplish what you want to. You can have the idea, but without the money, nothing else will matter.

At Psikick, there are several important backers and investors that have given them the start that they needed. The funding which began at the university level has only grown, with the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan being the dominant investors in the university grouping. The company has won multiple contracts through the Department of Defense. New Enterprise Associates, which is one of the biggest venture capitalist funds, has also given its support to the company. Osage University Partners has thrown in their support leading the last round of $16.5 million in Series B funding in December 2015. This brings the company’s total funding to $22.5 million, giving Psikick a massive start to what is sure to be a successful venture with an innovative product.

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