tech startup infographic 3dim

Tech Startup Spotlight: 3dim Seeks to Solve Gesture Control

My new Samsung phone allows users to control a few simple functions with gestures, but the capabilities are very limited.

Tech startup 3dim wants to change that. Read more

Tech Startup Force Impact Technologies

Tech Startup Interview: Force Impact Technologies

This month we interviewed Anthony Gonzales, co-founder and executive director of Force Impact Technologies. This tech startup, created in 2013, has developed a sports mouthguard that can help detect head trauma such as concussions. Gonzales and co-founder Bob Merriman are graduates of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Read more

Georgia Tech Startup Zyrobotics

Zyrobotics: A Tech Startup Enabling Freedom Through Technology

Many children with special needs don’t have the fine motor skills needed to play games or use apps on tablets and iPads. Because of this, they can’t enjoy the latest technology like their friends and peers.

Dr. Ayanna M. Howard set out to change that. Read more