Startup Garage  – Tradeshow Startup Company Showcases

Startup Garage is a startup company showcase held at major industry trade shows. Startup Directory worked with SPI to produce the first Startup Garage program at NPE2015 and it was overwhelmingly successful.

Startup Garage is located in a separate area at the tradeshow and typically features between 15 and 30 startup companies who have developed new products and services for the industry. In some cases we include new university inventions available for license. Startups are defined as companies that have not had a product or service for sale for more than two years.

Tradeshow attendees benefit by getting an opportunity to see new, disruptive technologies from companies that are generally too small to have a booth on the main tradeshow floor. Furthermore by having all of the startups in one room, attendees get a chance to see all of the emerging technologies in one location.

See what startups at the NPE2015 Startup Garage had to say!

ProductFast Automation

Awesome! Believe we may have 8 to 10 sales in the next month as a result of this program.

ProductFast AutomationNPE2015 Startup Garage Participant

It was twice as good as expected. We had an estimated 400 contacts!

QTEKNPE2015 Startup Garage Participant

High concentration of potential customers – one stop shopping for us. We might have sold out our capacity at this show!

BiologiqNPE2015 Startup Garage Participant

Great! A lot of good leads and excellent exposure to big companies.

CyclewoodNPE2015 Startup Garage Participant

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