Tech Startup CPrecisely to Offer Vision Correction Alternative

CPrecisely, a new tech startup out of Purdue University, has created a technology that provides an alternative and supplemental solution to vision correction for viewing and reading digital content.

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Daniele Gallardo Actasys co-founder

New York Startup Actasys Set to Transform Transportation Industry

Lowering fuel consumption is a major concern for fleet operators of Class 8 trucks (tractor-trailers). One current solution is adding trailer skirts, wheel caps, nose cones, vortex generators or TrailerTails® to their trucks – all products designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. Read more

Malcolm Gleser, CEO of Oricula Therapeutics

Tech Startup Interview: Oricula Therapeutics

This month we interviewed Malcolm Gleser, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of Oricula Therapeutics. This University of Washington tech startup is developing medicines that protect hearing and balance from the effects of ototoxic drugs. Read more

Tech Startup Interview: Analog Computing Solutions

This month we interviewed Greg Mattes, president and CEO of tech startup Analog Computing Solutions. This Indiana University spinout has been developing and refining its Extended Analog Computer, which has practical applications for use with hearing aids and prosthetics. Read more

Green Startup UltraCell Turns Cardboard Boxes Into Insulation

For years, the insulation market has consisted of three primary products: fiberglass, foam and newspaper-based cellulose.

Very soon, consumers will have a fourth choice: cellulose insulation made from Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC). Read more